This is a special episode of TDJROS ! I am spinning some vocal house tracks and classic club records from New York. (circa 80's)

The main part of this episode is focused on Eric Bryant's project called WE AIN'T GOING BACK TO THAT!  WE GOT HIM ON THE SHOW with a full interview.

The We Ain’t Going Back to That Project was developed out of the response and sentiments of many people that feel the discourse as where our society is going. Many people are feeling a sense of despair, hopelessness and frustration regarding our current state of affairs. Now, we are in a place where its time to speak up, speak out, be heard and most of all, DO SOMETHING!!!!

The project has transformed into a national challenge allowing and expecting 1,000,000 people to speak up and speak out in order to bring light to issues that many people have been impacted by. We want to change the trajectory of where the United States is going. From this, the stage can be set to provide people the opportunity to get involved in organizations that are making our communities stronger. We want to be ready to deal with the social and economic changes that lie ahead.

 Eric P.Bryant


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